I’m a Singer/Songwriter that has been around for a while. Some of my Music is on Vinyl , on Cassette Tape, and on Compact Disc.  My Manager/Producer said it was time to go Digital and so here I am.  

I write songs about situations, places, people, attitudes, and the joy and sadness of Life in general. It’s amazing what lyrics you can come up with just from the 26 letters of the Alphabet A to Z. It’s also similarly amazing the fact that from the Music Keys/Notes A to G ( and everything else in between) you can come up with a concoction of sounds that hopefully are pleasant to the human ear and help put your message across harmoniously.  

I don’t want to be branded or stuck with this or that type of Music. No. I simply Write, Sing, Play, and Record Music. If I was a Chef I would not walk into a kitchen to make Tomato Soup every day. I would walk in and see firstly what’s cooking in my mind and what ingredients ( ideas ) that are already there. This helps determine the end product and what eventually comes out on the Menu that day.  If I was to name my Music, I would call it

 Alt.Afro Funk/Blues 

Thanks to the University of London I am a Mathematician but my first love has always been MUSIC, MUSIC ,AND MORE MUSIC.